Our milling facility is located in Jalalpur. The facility is strategically located to procure Pure Basmati and Samba Mahsuri paddy from nearby districts. We use Satake Machinery for milling process and our milling Capacity is 10 TPH (tons per hour).

  1. Basmati Rice
    1. Traditional Pure basmati
      1. Steam Traditional Pure basmati
      2. Sella Traditional Pure basmati
    2. Extra long Basmati (1121)
      1. Steam Extra long Basmati
      2. Sella Extra long Basmati

  2. Non Basmati rice
    1. Indian rice (6444)
      1. Raw Indian Rice
      2. Steam Indian Rice
      3. Sella Indian Rice
    2. Samba Mahsuri
      1. Steam Samba Mahsuri
      2. Sella Samba Mahsuri